Dealing with the Hoarder Inside You

Dealing with the Hoarder Inside You

Have you ever taken a look around your house and thought that you might actually have a hoarder hidden inside you?  If so, don’t worry; you’re a lot like many people out there.  But with spring upon us, we figured we would give you some de-cluttering and storage tips.  So, if you are getting ready to move or just want to clean up your house, read on.

Take a Look Around

You can probably live without the majority of your stuff – take a look around.  Do you have stacks of magazines?  Household appliances you never use?  What about stacks of DVDs and CDs?  Think about what you’re looking at.  If you haven’t used it in more than two years, get rid of it.  Throw it away, donate it, or put it into storage if you are very attached to it.

Consolidation is Key

Those stacks of DVDs and CDs are a quick fix.  Everyone is going digital these days, so why don’t you?  You can reduce your storage cost by loading things onto a hard drive.  Once you digitize everything, just think about the extra cash you could have by dropping these things off at the local Goodwill.

Use Extra Space

There are plenty of storage spots in your house that you may not even be thinking about.  What about the top shelf of your closet?  Are things just piled up there?  Get some modular storage boxes and organize everything.  You can do the same with under your bed.  Under-the-bed storage is a great way to use extra space without making your home look cluttered.  Professional movers have solutions to help you maximize your space which will give your homes appeal a boost.

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