Delinquent Condo Owners Face Possible Shame

Delinquent Condo Owners Face Possible Shame

Relocation can be stressful, it’s true.  Moving during financial duress can be even worse.  One condo complex in Lauderhill, Florida may have crossed the line by humiliating condo owners, many of whom are facing foreclosure, that are delinquent on maintenance fees.  That complex happens to be International Village.

Often, unpaid fees are picked up by the condo community.  Maintenance fees go to the upkeep of the grounds and keep certain amenities going.

In 2009, one resident, Sid Schulman, began taking matters into his own hands by placing a list of residents that were delinquent near the mailboxes of each building.  The list read, “Pay Up or Move Out” in both Spanish and English.  Schulman also campaigned, unsuccessfully, for the cable company to shut off services to those same condos.

Some delinquent homeowners are getting to stay on even longer without paying, due to the foreclosure process slowdown and such practices have really begun to grate on the nerves of prompt paying residents other than Schulman in the community.  The condo complex has recently installed a fingerprint-scanning device at its central clubhouse that prevents anyone who is behind by 90 days or more on their maintenance fees.  The device keeps them from the pools, racquetball courts, game room, and other amenities.

The condo complex’s homeowners association has even gone a step further and began its own foreclosures.  Florida law actually allows this under certain circumstances so International Village has started taking temporary title of some units thus quickening the relocation process for such people.  It is unclear if the association is willing to work with residents undergoing financial stress rather than forced relocations.

– Lance Grooms