Desert Hot Springs Hotel Gets Makeover

Desert Hot Springs Hotel Gets Makeover

Though you might not be moving to the Hot Springs area, you might want to visit one day! So, you’ll be interested to know that the well-loved Hotel Lautner is getting a well-deserved makeover. And, as always, we’re here to tell you a little bit about this latest hotel renovation.

First of all, the Lautner Hotel’s namesake is famous modernist architect John Lautner, which is why this hotel renovation news is actually so exciting. (If you don’t know Lautner, you might want to look up the Elrod House in Palm Springs – that’s his handiwork!) Known for his unusual modern style, you would hope that the hotel embodies that style – and it does.

Looking around the Hotel Lautner, you’ll notice that there aren’t any right angles – anywhere. The outside is in! In fact, stepping into one of the top-notch rooms at the hotel, you might feel like you are stepping into a hermetically sealed oasis in the middle of a lush private garden.

Up until 2008, the Hotel Lautner was known as the Desert Hot Springs Motel and was on the market for $625,000. That was definitely a steal since most Lautner-designed places go for more than a million! The designers bought it for just over $375,000.

The Hotel Lautner opened just a few weeks ago and is sure to be featured in its fair share of architectural magazines and publications now that it has been completely modernized with some real cutting edge amenities.

Bill Barkulis