Detach Yourself From Your House

Detach Yourself From Your House

Most people who own a home have feelings connected to it.  It may be that your children were born and raised in that home.  It may be that it was your first home.  Perhaps it is the backyard cookouts you had with friends who are no longer around.  Given the many memories people can have with their homes, it can be hard to move.

If you have to move or undergo relocation due to job changes, it can be hard to leave that house behind.  Anyone selling their home should work on the three tips supplied here to emotionally distance yourself from your home.

You need to acknowledge the stress you will feel selling your home.  You worked hard to own that home, so now that you have to relocate you will feel those old feelings surface.  Embrace them and make certain your reasons for selling the home are important.  If it is job related you may not have a choice.  If you are retiring you may want to move, but perhaps you are not ready.

The last tip that can be offered is for you to think of your home as a product.  After all, it is a product that you can sell.  A seller who is not emotional can list it for an appropriate price, one that they can actually get.  Furthermore, you can let someone else build memories in your home.

Jon Huser