DeVito could be moving back to New York

DeVito could be moving back to New York

Comic actor Danny DeVito could be heading back to New York in the wake of his marriage separation. The diminutive actor and producer could be quitting Los Angeles in order to move back to his place of birth following the collapse of his marriage of 30 years to actress Rhea Perlman, apparently having lived in California solely for the purposes of work.

“He’s a [New] Jersey boy and despite living several years in California, he’s never forgotten his roots,” a source told “He even named his production company Jersey Films after his place of birth. Danny and Rhea used to stay at his vacation home in Interlaken, New Jersey, whenever they wanted a break away from Los Angeles.”

The insider says that DeVito loves living in a busy, bustling city and is thinking of making his proposed relocation to New York into a permanent stay simply because it is closer to home for him on a personal level. DeVito has three children with Perlman – Grace, Jacob and Lucy – but they are all now firmly into their 20s and do not need to be looked after.

The longtime couple announced their split earlier in October, with rumors alleging that the actor’s constant flirtation with other women was the cause. This is a claim that DeVito denies and dismisses as being a complete “fabrication”. The couple first met in 1971 at a performance of the play The Shrinking Bride, in which DeVito was performing. They married 11 years later in 1982.

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