Did You Know Plenty of Millionaires Live in Bridgeport?

Did You Know Plenty of Millionaires Live in Bridgeport?

If you are a millionaire and are thinking of moving to a new city in Connecticut, Bridgeport could be added to your short list.

Sure, Bridgeport is a little grittier than Westport and definitely not as green as Greenwich, but it has a considerable amount of millionaire households! In fact, there are over 29,000 millionaire households in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Who knew! With a population of almost 917,000, the concentration of such households is at almost 9%.

If you want to get to the real nitty-gritty, there are over 4,200 households with $5 million or more in investable assets. Do you fit in? Ready to move to booming Bridgeport? Even if you aren’t a budding millionaire, you’ll probably find a neighborhood you like in the area – the median family income is about $80,000.

So, why is Bridgeport such a stomping ground for Connecticut millionaires? Well, the southwestern region of the state, which also includes the cities of Norwalk and Stamford, is a quick and easy drive from New York City. When you think about Bridgeport’s proximity to the Big Apple, it’s no surprise that so many sweater-vest sporting and sailboat-loving people have moved into the once industrial town.

When the housing bubble burst a few years ago, many people moved out of New York City and into Connecticut. Because the Bridgeport area is just about an hour away from Manhattan, the city saw an influx of some high-powered commuters.