DITY military moves explained

DITY military moves explained

One of the numerous benefits that come with being a part of the military is that you are able to receive government aid for moving.

Someone who is an officer in the military who is moving stations on a permanent basis is able to get assistance from a commercial contractor who will come and move all of the individual’s household items.  This moving assistance is offered completely free of charge providing that the items moved do not go over a particular weight limit.  This limit is dependent on the officer’s rank, as well as the total number of family members.

The second kind of move that can be made by a military officer is referred to as a do it yourself (or DITY) move.  In this instance, the military officer secures their own rental vehicle, equipment, or choice of commercial contractor to assist them with their relocation and then pays for it with their own money.  The government will then reimburse them for up to 100% of their expenses, provided that they remain within a particular budget.  This is decided by what is determined by the government to be the money it would have spent on its own carrier.

This can seem a difficult challenge to work out, though there is a very organized system in place that helps the government to work out how much money they can allot on moving assistance to each officer.

Jon Huser