Do You Have a Rental Toolkit?

Do You Have a Rental Toolkit?

So, you’re thinking about moving into an apartment – that’s great!  But, do you have a rental toolkit?  Having a rental toolkit will make your search for the perfect rental a lot easier.  Here’s what you need:

Notebook & Writing Implements

It doesn’t matter if you have a pen or pencil, but you definitely need something to write with.  The notebook is essential for ensuring that you keep an accurate record of all the different apartments you’ve seen and which features they have.  This way, when it comes to moving, you won’t confuse properties.

Tape Measure

A tape measure is a good idea to have on hand so that you can make sure any particular apartment is big enough for your lifestyle.  You’ll want to measure the doors and windows as well.


Snapping a few pictures of the apartments to keep them straight in your mind is a great way to reference them when you get home.  This is also helpful if you have a roommate or spouse that will be moving with you and can’t be there in person.

Other items you should have in your rental toolkit should include:

  • Must-Have list – features that the apartment must have in order for you to move in
  • Nice-to-Have list – features that would be nice to have but not necessarily deal breakers
  • Reference list – to have on hand for your new prospective landlord
  • A friend – bring someone with you for safety reasons as well as a second opinion

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