Do You Know about the ProMover Program?

Do You Know about the ProMover Program?

About two years ago the AMSA launched the ProMover Program.  The ProMover Program is a consumer protection and certification plan that is designed to protect people like you from the many moving scams that have come about.  In fact, the ProMover Program helps fight rogue operators, which are imposter companies preying on unsuspecting people and businesses.

The ProMover Program is a great tool if you are planning a relocation.  It allows you to find reputable, professional movers without having to worry about their validity.  It is unfortunate, but there are many predatory moving companies out there just waiting to make a quick buck at your expense.

In general, the program takes the hassle out of the whole moving process by letting consumers like you find professional moving companies that really know what they’re doing.  The ProMover Program is a good resource for identifying quality information about the moving industry, and even finding a mover to help with your relocation.

Although you may not be aware, the AMSA is a great resource in and of itself for people interested in learning more about the moving industry.  In fact, their requirements are so strict that consumers can even learn about any felony convictions of any moving company officers, owners, or major stockholders.

So, if you are getting ready to move, we suggest you check out the ProMover Program.  It is never wise to move without checking into the moving company – just to be on the safe side.  Read through the program and use the tools afforded you to find a moving company that suits your needs.

Jon Huser