Do You Know How to Paint a Double-Hung Window?

Do You Know How to Paint a Double-Hung Window?

If you are first-time homeowner, there are some handy tricks around the house you really should take the time to learn.  This is especially true if you have moved into a house you want to fix up and make your home.  While not everyone can be his or her own handyman, there is no reason why you can’t try!

Painting a double-hung window is one of those tricks you should know.  You don’t need a bunch of blue tape or professional painters to come in and make your window area look like new.  All you need is a 1 ½- or 2-inch sash brush, your favorite paint, and some motivation.  After all, you just moved in – it’s time to act like a real homeowner!

Here are some quick steps to use when you paint any double-hung window.  Follow these tips and you can’t mess up! (…at least we hope not.  Go get ’em!)

  1. Start with the top sash and paint the parts you can easily see.  Then move on to the bottom.  Don’t forget the muntins.
  2. Run a thin line of paint along the edge of the glass to seal in the glazing.
  3. Close the window almost all the way so that you can paint the remaining parts of the top sash.
  4. Paint the bottom sash, but remember not to get any paint on the pieces of wood between the sash and the stops.
  5. Paint the sill, apron and casing last.
  6. Before the paint dries, move the sash up and down.  If you don’t see a crack between the sash and the stop because of all the paint, when the paint dries, your window will be glued in place!

Good luck!  Oh, and don’t forget to use a drop cloth to protect the floor!

Lance Grooms