Do You Live in Naples? You Must Be a Millionaire!

Do You Live in Naples?  You Must Be a Millionaire!

We’re only half joking when we suggest that you might be a millionaire if you live in Naples, Florida. Naples happens to be one of the most surprising cities in the United States with a high population of millionaires. So, if you have the big bucks, maybe you want to move to Naples?

The number of millionaires in Naples is just over 9% of the population, which is pretty impressive for any southern city. In fact, there are about 12,300 millionaire households in the area. That’s pretty significant since the metropolitan population of Naples is at just over 321,500.  It gets even more impressive when you realize that out of that population, almost 1,800 households have $5 million or more in investible assets. However, even if you’re not a millionaire, you’ll fit in when you move to Naples – the median household income is about $58,000.

Other than the high instance of millionaire households, what else makes Naples, Florida so special? Well, if you didn’t already know, the west coast of Florida where Naples is located is known as the Paradise Coast.  It’s a glorious vacation getaway that is second to only Marco Island on Florida’s Gulf of Mexico coast.

Naples is appealing to vacationers and tourists, no doubt. It is also a popular area for retirees, many of who have moved to the area in the past few years to enjoy the great weather, pristine beaches and swanky social scene.  Remember, there are plenty of millionaires in the neighborhood – that’s why Naples is home to over 90 golf courses, and stores like Louis Vuitton and Tiffany anchor the local mall!

Lance Grooms