Do You Need “Insurance” When You Use a Self-Service Mover?

Do You Need “Insurance” When You Use a Self-Service Mover?

It doesn’t matter how careful you or the movers are when it comes to packing up and relocating your things, accidents can happen.  You could drop a box containing your fine china or the moving company could have an accident while transporting the portable storage unit.  Things happen when you move and there’s just not any way to avoid that plain and simple fact.

Protecting yourself from a huge loss in the event that something should go awry when moving is really important.  So, we would highly suggest getting some kind of valuation coverage from the moving company.  Many consider this valuation coverage as insurance, but there’s a differrence.  Moving companies do not sell insurance, they offer valuation coverage based on the value of your items and the level you’d like to protect your items.  This will protect you and your belongings should any mishap occur along the way.  Trust us – you’ll be happy you made the investment.

When you are considering your moving company options, you’ll know that you’ve got a reputable choice when the representative you work with offers you various types of valuation plans during the estimate conversations.  Depending on where you live and the type of move you’re doing, the minimum and included amounts may vary.  Such plans will often cover your belongings while they are in the portable storage unit as well as during the move.  Because the regulations vary so much, be sure to check with your professional Moving Consultant.

Choosing a plan should really come down to what your needs are.  More comprehensive plans cover damage to your things up to a certain dollar amount and the pricing is always dependent on the deductible and plan you choose.  The self-service moving company may be responsible for any damages that happen that are beyond your control – storms, vandalism, fires, and so forth.

So, if you are considering a self-service mover, think about insurance and valuation – you’ll be happy you did.

Jon Huser