Dowd to move back to Ireland, possibly

Dowd to move back to Ireland, possibly

Irish star Chris O’Dowd, who currently lives in London with his wife Dawn, has hinted at going back home to Ireland.  The star admits that he would be happy to surrender the Big Smoke and move back home in order to start a family and settle down.

O’Dowd humorously admitted, however, that he would probably have to do some quick talking to persuade his wife of his plans for relocation. “Maybe,” the actor conceded while on the set of his new movie, Calvary in Rush, which is being filmed in County Dublin.  “I like the idea of it but someone might need to be convinced.  We try not to talk about settling down yet.  I think I’ve scared her enough!”

O’Dowd has been enjoying working back in his home country for the TV series Moone Boy, which is being made by satellite TV network Sky, as well as his new movie Calvary, which co-stars Kelly Riley, Brendan Gleeson and Aidan Gillen.  His next project after filming concludes on Calvary will be the Australian musical The Sapphires.

Locals turned up in the hundreds to watch the filming, with a mock church being burned to the ground in the village.  “It’s great,” O’Dowd commented.  “There was a period of about seven years where I was only here for Christmas and separate religious occasions, so being here for a stretch now is nice because it means you properly get to see people.  Sometimes you can feel like a tourist in your own country if you’re only coming back for a little while, so it hasn’t felt like that.”