Dude’s Bungalow Up for Sale

Dude’s Bungalow Up for Sale

If you see the word “dude” and immediately think of the iconic character of the same name in the Coen Brothers’ “The Big Lebowski” you’d be among thousands who love the 1998 cult classic.  You also might think we’re about to tell you some of the most exciting news for Lebowski fans yet, and you’d be right.

Yes, folks.  The Dude’s bungalow is up for sale.  In fact, the entire compound is.  So, if you have the perfect rug to really tie a room together, you might want to consider moving in.  Pack up your bowling balls and get going!

However, you’ll be getting more than the Dude’s one bedroom bungalow – you’ll be getting all six in the compound.  The current asking price is just under $2.3 million.  (It looks like you might need the “Big” Lebowski’s bank account to actually move in.)

The compound is nestled on a 10,628-square foot lot and is within a few blocks of the trendy Abbot Kinney and Main Street section of Venice.  You’ll find all sorts of cultural goodness there including some of the LA area’s hottest eateries, funky shops, and art galleries.  So, anyone looking for a chic little place to live (or rent out), this is the ideal place to move.

Back in 2005, the property underwent a major renovation, which included a new roof and new sewer line.  There’s also a gated courtyard now.  What this means is that the compound doesn’t look exactly like the Dude’s original abode back in the days of the film.  But at this asking price, who wouldn’t want to at least consider moving to the area?

Jon Huser