Earth Day is highly important

Earth Day is highly important

Earth Day is on April 22nd 2012.  It will be an important global event for the world where issues such as pollution, global warming, waste management, energy production and food supply will be discussed.

There are plenty of ways to get involved in Earth Day, such as volunteering, going to festivals, and recognizing what you can do to protect the earth.  For those who have just moved to a new state or city, Earth Day may be the best time to get out and get involved in the community festivals.  In this way you can find out what your city is doing to protect the earth and also meet others in your community.  It could be a way to network for you.

Even if you have just relocated to another area of the city, you might want to find out what options exist in your new community for Earth Day, such as where the recycling center is or what you might do to lessen your carbon footprint on the earth.

Anytime you move, you can also be green.  By using green supplies and recycled items to pack with you will be observing Earth Day and do your part for the earth.  In fact, if you have decided you will move on Earth Day it would be appropriate to use green supplies to make that move.  Earth Day was started back in the 70s and we are finally starting to realize how important lessening our impact on the earth really is.

Lance Grooms