Easy Outdoor Home Improvement Projects

Easy Outdoor Home Improvement Projects

Whether you’ve just moved into a new home or want to make your home more attractive to potential buyers, we’ve got some simple ideas that won’t break the bank but will make your house feel more like a home.

Front Door

Give your house a fresh look by painting your front door. In order to achieve a professional look, remember to take the door off its hinges, sand it down, prime it, and then paint it.

Front Steps

If you’re going to fix up the front door, you might as well work on the steps leading up to it.  Give the entrance area a warm and inviting feel by adding some planters on either side of the door or steps.

Freshen Up the Furniture

If you have outdoor furniture in the entrance area, move it around for a more inviting feel.  Give plastic furniture a good cleaning.  Use a soft household cleaner on aluminum.  Replace the cushions on your bench or swing if they’re looking a little worn.

Spiff up the Concrete

Even if you have a very small entryway and driveway, why not spiff up that boring gray concrete by applying a concrete acid stain.  This is a lot less expensive then ripping it up and replacing it with tile or stone!

If you’ve just moved in, these simple projects can be great for the whole family – really make that new house your home!  And these inexpensive projects really can boost your curb appeal, which is the key to moving a house off the market!

Jon Huser