Eco-friendly hotels

Eco-friendly hotels

Ecotourism, something which most people dismissed as being nothing more than a fad just a few short years ago, has now been transformed into the current collective conscience.  The hotel industry, always quick to jump on the bandwagon when it spies a marketing opportunity, has also been increasingly joining in with the cause.

All new upcoming properties now aspire to not just offer cutting edge amenities and a user friendly experience but also to be given the hallowed green tag into the bargain as well, and existing hotels are also attempting to do everything that they possibly can in order to include sustainable practices in their operations.  This includes waste recycling, offering linen reuse programs, tapping wind and solar power in order to become more energy efficient, and a lot more besides.

Holidaymakers, even those who are not overly eco-conscious themselves, should also be interested in this development. The fact is that hotels that have adopted eco-friendly sustainable practices also tend to be friendly to the wallet too.

One of the major reasons why eco-friendly hotels are able to offer lower room rates is because they are notching up considerable savings in their own running costs by having adopted sustainable practices.  Up until recently, eco-friendly hotels were likely to cost more due to the cost of building them. This initial cost is usually recovered within two to three years, after which the hotels can begin to make big savings on operational costs and these savings can be passed on to their guests.