Egypt fires it up with more issues

Egypt fires it up with more issues

Human rights are an important topic no matter where you live.  The recent talks in Egypt have made things a little rocky, which has gained the attention of the US military.  The US military move will not be into Egypt, but you can be assured that it is watching.

Egypt has recently undergone a change in rulers, which has certainly made for some uprising.  The Egyptian military has undergone its own 16-month transition.  It was met with much criticism due to the lack or failure of power that it seemed to provide.  Steps have been taken to shield the military from civilian oversight, but this did not work out for the best.

The US has quite a bit to examine and offer its help for, but there is always the controversy surrounding help from the US.  It is not always met with the warmest of receptions.  The chances are, at least for now, that the US military move will remain stagnant when it comes to helping out Egypt.

US soil has been lent to the Egyptian Human Rights Watch Group, which is trying to improve conditions. This means that talks are being held primarily in New York on what to do about the recent issues springing up in Egypt.  It seems this help is the best the US can offer at the moment.  Meanwhile, most military personnel are getting ready for relocation back to the US or to a different state if they are already stateside.  Summer is always a time for relocation of military personnel, whether it is from overseas back home or to a new base in the US.

Jon Huser