Elderly Woman Finds Grenade in Backyard

Elderly Woman Finds Grenade in Backyard

Are you ready for some really weird real estate news?  As we move into the beginning of January, we love to share wacky stories from around the world.

An elderly woman living in Kendall found what she thought was a bullet in her backyard earlier this week.  Well, when the Miami-Dade bomb squad arrived – trampling all over her grass – they informed her that it was actually a 40mm military grenade.  And it was live!

No one is really sure how the deadly weapon got into the backyard.  There is an investigation pending.  We are wondering if someone wants her to move out!  (We hope not! If you want someone to relocate, there are other ways to get your message across!)  To give you some perspective on what damage a 40mm grenade can do, it can take out an entire vehicle.

It gets weirder.  Apparently this week was a busy one for South Florida bomb squads.  Just north of Kendall, a suspicious device was found at a hotel in Fort Lauderdale.  It ended up only being a lighter, but what a week!

Back in November, there was another Miami area bomb scare.  A Navy training mine actually washed up on Miami Beach and a bomb squad had to come deal with that as well.  What we want to know is where all these explosives are coming from!

So, if you are already living in South Florida, or planning to move there, you might want to put the bomb squad’s number on speed dial.

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