Elizabeth City Council considers limits for portable storage units

Elizabeth City Council considers limits for portable storage units

2012 has been an active year for the Elizabeth City Council when it comes to the addressing of zoning concerns, which has been a part of Mayor Joe Peel’s broad effort to keep the city beautiful.

The Residential Energy Efficiency Study Commission earlier this year looked at the possibility of updating a wide range of city ordinances, with the latest proposal involving rules for the kind of temporary storage containers used to store household items such as furniture in the time between people selling their homes and making a move to a new house.

There is a high house turnover rate in Elizabeth City. This is partly due to Coast Guard families, who undertake relocation to a different community every couple of years, and is also due to general growth and development.  The turnover of homes throughout the region has been slowed by the recession; however, houses are still sold and bought nonetheless, which has resulted in more people making use of the storage units.  Although such units are a useful way to move when it is possible to do so gradually, they can be unsightly depending on whereabouts they are placed and how long for. Now city staff are proposing rules for conditional zoning, which would allow for exceptions with site-specific guidelines regarding the use of such units in residential areas.

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Gene Salaz