Ellen and Portia Raise Price of Home

Ellen and Portia Raise Price of Home

A while back we posted about happy couple Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi’s California compound being listed for sale.  Well, recently we came across the news that the lovely ladies have upped their price.  This has many real estate experts scratching their heads – in today’s crazy market, will anyone really want to move in with a much larger price tag?

The original asking price for Ellen and Portia’s Beverly Hills home was $55 million.  They’ve increased it by almost 15% to a whopping $63 million.  That is quite a move!  We’re wondering, as are plenty of other realtors, if the fast sale of Jennifer Aniston’s house in Trousdale Estates had anything to do with it.

It also might have something to do with the notion that the Beverly Hills housing market may be rebounding.  That means more celebrity relocations must be in the works!  But, it could also be a little bit of seller’s remorse.  They did have their grand wedding on the grounds a few years ago.

There may be a method to the madness, after all.  Did you know that Ellen and Portia’s place is actually on its own street?  Yeah, it’s that private.  That means that any celebrity, or really rich family hoping for some privacy, could move in without the bother of the general public.

Just as a reminder, the house is not only on its own street with state-of-the-art security features but it also sits on three acres with a 9,200 square-foot main house, two guest houses, and another three-bedroom house which could be used as another guest house or an office.  Who wouldn’t want to move in? You could bring all your friends.

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