Emigrating to China or Macau: Tips

Emigrating to China or Macau: Tips

Are you considering moving?  There are many reasons that someone might decide moving long distance to a place such as China is the right answer.  A job situation may require the move, such as being a part of a corporation that has suddenly decided to start a new hotel in one of these Asian countries.  It may be a temporary move while an English teacher is overseas for a year to help students learn the language.  Asian countries such as China, Thailand, Korea and others tend to hire someone who is willing to come and teach in their schools.

There may be many questions regarding the move, such as what to bring, what will you want later on, and what can you find at your new home?  If the move is temporary you may be thinking you do not need as much to be shipped with you.  In addition to what one brings on the move over, there is always the consideration of what to ship on the way back if the job is only temporary.

It is best to create a comprehensive checklist for the move overseas.  The biggest decision is to decide which of your household effects you need to move, what you want to sell, and what you want to buy at the new location.  In certain locations that you move to it can be easy to find inexpensive furniture to replace what you leave behind in the USA.

If you want a true experience for a short time, you might consider whether or not to live as some do in Asian countries just using futon mats, low tables and no chairs.  Depending on whether you will rent a home or buy a house is also something that must be part of the decision process for what to move.

It can be thousands of dollars for you to ship all of your belongings.  This is why you might want to consider buying some things when you arrive, depending on where you want to move to.  Also consider the conditions you will be living in.  If you know you will be in a smaller village rather than a city, it can affect how much you take.  Having the comforts of home with you can be important.

After you have completed the checklist of what you will move, you will need to start packing.  Since your items will be shipped by the moving company it is best to pack everything securely and to make certain none of the boxes will be too heavy.  Most of the shipping will happen via container, so it needs to be easy to handle to and from the container.  Depending on the moving company you may also find the movers will pack for you.  If this is the case, have everything you want packed all in one room so that nothing will be forgotten.  It also helps make the process a little faster.

Jon Huser