myBMS Moving & Storage Spotlight-Diana Cook

The my BMS Moving & Storage family is proud of the hard work that all of its employees put forth each and every day. The myBMS Moving & Storage blog will be updated every 3-4 weeks with an article “spotlighting” a BMS Moving & Storage A-1 Movers, Inc. or BMS Moving & Storage employee. We hope co-workers will gain gratitude for their peers and bring the my BMS Moving & Storage family even closer together.

This week we’ve chosen to shine the my BMS Moving & Storage Spotlight on Diana Cook from the Warrenville Office of Administration.

Diana was born and raised in Dubuque, Iowa where she attended the University of Dubuque.  In 1974 Diana moved to Chicago where she lived and worked for 11½ years before moving to the western suburbs.

While working for several major corporations, Diana developed a strong background in customer service and project/records management.  In 1995, in the midst of a hot market, she decided to take those skills and try her hand at working full-time in real estate.

When the real estate “bubble” burst, Diana decided to look into a different full-time job which is what brought her to the my BMS Moving & Storage family.  In 2010 she started with BMS Moving & Storage Van Lines in the Call Center.  A short time later she jumped at the opportunity to work in the International Division for A-1/BMS.  Diana said that working in International was an excellent opportunity; learning so much in such a short time.  “I love that nothing is the same.  Every move is different and brings its own set of challenges with it.”

Diana is currently working in the Military Department in Customer Service for domestic moves.  She registers military moves and follows them through the entire process from pick up through post delivery.  Diana said, “I’ve also been privileged to learn a little bit about the Military International side.  However, as I’ve just arrived in this department a month or so ago I am still learning a lot of everything.”

Diana has a very full schedule so she doesn’t have much spare time.  When she’s not at work, selling real estate keeps her busy.  Also, Diana is an animal lover.  Much of her “home” time is spent caring for her own cats and dogs, as well as any current rescues she may be fostering at any given time.  Diana’s other interests include: reading, biking, motorcycle rides, baking, walking, and hiking.  Oh, and she’s a huge movie junkie.

Having said all that, her most favorite time of all is sitting on her deck in the dark at night with her tiki torches lighting a path around the terrace, sipping on “whatever”, enjoying the night sounds from the nature preserve behind her.  Diana said, “That’s the good life!”

Thank you Diana for all of your hard work and for being an integral part of the my BMS Moving & Storage family!