Environmentally friendly moving

Environmentally friendly moving

It is possible to conduct environmentally friendly moves, though you do need to be willing to take the extra step.  California is not the only state to offer various recycled crates that you can rent or buy over boxes.  Boxes can also be reused or you can locate recycled cardboard for packing boxes.

Materials exist for an environmentally friendly move.  What is most important is to take advantage of the materials and consciously think about relocating with the environment in mind.  Instead of bubble wrap, peanuts or other plastic, you could use what you already have in your home for packing materials.  Kitchen and bathroom towels can be used as packing materials for your dishes and other breakable items.  It also helps save space in the packing boxes because you will not need one dedicated to linens and towels.  You can use all of the towels and linens for your packing, utilizing less space.

Before and after you relocate you can also use eco-friendly cleaning supplies to make certain that your old apartment has been cleaned thoroughly and that your new place is cleaned up after the move, should a bit of dust or dirt get into your new home.

The new home you choose can also be made more environmentally friendly with better lights, a thermostat you set for certain times throughout the day, and using less water in your new home.  All of these choices make your new home and the move better for the environment.

Jon Huser