Even Grown-Ups Get Playhouses in Reno

Even Grown-Ups Get Playhouses in Reno

Are your childhood memories filled with the fun of digging up worms and pretending that you lived in that backyard playhouse?  Did you ever wish that you could run away from home and move into your playhouse?  Well, now that you’re all grown up, you may just get your wish – in a way.

Move to Reno, Nevada and into a 6,000 square-foot adult playhouse.  The home boasts a beautiful home gym, an indoor/outdoor workout space – all covering 2,000 square feet.  In addition to working out, you also get a really awesome movie screening room.  Love movies?  Move right in.

Your new playhouse will probably cost a little more than that backyard tree house you used to love so much.  This upscale Reno playhouse is listed at about $2.36 million, though you might be able to negotiate.

So, if you want to move in, get ready to set your sights on some Brazilian slate, a sleek stucco exterior, a custom metal roof, a deck, a game room, and some spectacular city views.  Oh, and the three bedrooms and five bathrooms on the 2.42 acres probably is good to know, too!

The truly contemporary home has a wall of glass overlooking the city, which will absolutely mesmerize you.  The house is perfect for a family wanting to move in although it will do very nicely as a fun vacation spot!

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