Ever Considered a Hybrid Move?

Ever Considered a Hybrid Move?

If you’re moving on a budget, something you may not have thought of before is doing a hybrid move. A hybrid move can definitely help you save time and money. A hybrid move is one where you hire a moving company but do some of the work yourself.

For example, you could do all of the packing and let the movers do all the driving. Or, you can have movers come in and do all the packing but none of the driving. It really can be however you want to do it!


If you are moving long-distance, it might be cheaper for you to rent a moving truck yourself and hire the movers to pack and load your truck. The farther you drive, the more you are likely to save because you are cutting out quite a few hours of paid labor. Remember, if you aren’t loading the truck, you might want to hire movers to unload once you arrive.


In a full-service move, packing usually comprises about 25% of the entire cost. Just remember, if you pack up your stuff on your own, you have to also insure it yourself. (You may want to anyway, since movers provide minimal moving insurance on standard packages.) Ask the moving company how you can save on the packing.

Loading and Unloading

If you hire movers for just one job, this might be your best bet. While it may not be the most expensive chunk of the relocation, it has the highest physical cost. Loading and unloading the truck is hard! If don’t want to do all the work but want to save some money, consider unloading the truck yourself, it’s easier.

Lance Grooms.