Everyone Needs a Zombie-Proof House

Everyone Needs a Zombie-Proof House

Let’s face it a zombie apocalypse is coming.  We don’t know when but we do know that when it does happen, we will need to move faster than we ever have before.  Well, one Polish architect has designed a house that can withstand a zombie attack.  Ready to move

The concrete dwelling has moveable walls, a drawbridge, and is probably pretty weatherproof as well.  Although we were unaware that anyone was thinking about designing such a house, we’re sure glad they did!

We’re not sure how the house was constructed exactly, but it definitely looks like you’d be moving into a fortress.  It is completely modern, with clean lines and tall windows.  In fact, the walls are lined with windows.

You’re probably wondering how a wall of windows can protect you from zombies.  Well, the designer thought of that, too.  Moveable walls can cover the windows.  So, if there is a chance of zombies (or hurricanes) you can cover them up and stay safe in your house.

The open floor plan of the 6,100 square foot house is great for hiding out from zombies or hosting parties.  The house is situated just outside of Warsaw and was built between 2005 and 2009.  The client was interested in security.

One problem that we can foresee with the house is that it has only one entrance – the front door.  So, if zombies make their move and end up breaching the house (even with its moat and drawbridge), we’d be worried about getting trapped!

Jon Huser