Exposure, OJ Simpson in Foreclosure

Exposure, OJ Simpson in Foreclosure

Well, it looks like OJ Simpson isn’t immune to foreclosure like so many of his Floridian neighbors.

The former football star, who was also acquitted of killing his wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend, Ronald Goldman, may be in danger of losing his home.  Public records for the Miami-Dade Circuit Court show that papers were filed in September by JP Morgan Chase Bank on the four-bedroom home.  The house is located just south of downtown Miami.

Simpson’s attorneys have already moved forward on filing a motion to dismiss the case, but there hasn’t been any additional action since before Thanksgiving.

However, we don’t think Simpson will be moving anywhere for a while.  He is currently serving a prison sentence ranging from 9 to 33 years for kidnapping, armed robbery, and other lesser charges.  He has been in jail since 2007 and is currently appealing that conviction.

Back in 2000, Simpson bought the 4,233 square-foot house for $575,000.  It is currently worth about $478,000 and has property taxes of $9,000 or so.  The taxes for 2011 were paid last month.

Even though Simpson is sitting in jail and has no real plans of moving out of prison anytime soon, he still has a pretty good NFL pension coming in as well as other retirement accounts.  But that doesn’t mean the foreclosure won’t be going through.  However, most of his residuals for any of his movies and other projects go to the family of Ronald Goldman for the civil suit they won after the slayings.

We bet that Simpson’s jail cell is just a tad different from the classy layouts of the hotels and mansions he’s used to!

Jon Huser