Extra Extravagance in Palm Beach

Extra Extravagance in Palm Beach

When you think of Palm Beach, Florida you probably think of the difference between “old money” and “new money” and The Breakers Hotel and Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago.  Palm Beach is all of those things and more; just walk along Worth Avenue to get a taste of what it might be like to move there someday.

Earlier this summer, the second most expensive house in Palm Beach hit the market.  In fact, the house lies along what is known as “billionaires’ row” and is completely decadent.  How could a French chateau in south Florida not be over the top?  The $74 million mansion will likely make anyone moving into it feel like a king (or queen.)

With European marble, antique stone, and oak flooring it’s no wonder this 27,355 square foot estate has such a large price tag.  On top of all that it has eight bedrooms, a French kitchen with an office, an impressive foyer, and a 3,000-bottle bar.  (If you’re planning on moving in, we hope you like to host fabulous parties – the parking allows for more than 50 cars!)

By the way, the master suite is 4,000 square feet all on its own.

Currently, the house is unoccupied, so whoever does decide to buy it will be able to move in quite quickly.  The gated entrance is almost regal and once you enter the grounds you are met with a stately garden, fountains, and sculptures.  The 2 ½ acre lot was once an entire street but has an impressive 250 feet of waterfront.

Jon Huser