Families may need to relocate due to landslides

Families may need to relocate due to landslides

Choosing to move is a lot different from needing to relocate due to danger.  There are about 300 families in Malaya who are being urged to move due to landslides in the area after a 6.9 magnitude earthquake struck in the beginning of February.

The Mines and Geosciences Bureau made the recommendation to move the 300 families from three areas of Isabela town to Negros Occidental.  The head geologist who worked with the disaster workers stated the earthquake and heavy rains could start a landslide at anytime.  This could crush residents.

Barangay Maytubig is a 300-meter high mountain with a slope of 50 degrees in most locations.  Since the area most affected by the earthquake is around this mountain, there is every chance that lives can be in danger if they stay.  There is a recommendation to make 200 of the 300 families move permanently to Negros Occidental and 100 to Barangay San Agustin.

During the explorations after the earthquake several cracks were found in waterfalls and agricultural land.  Some of the residents relocated before the earthquake in the area most affected, but there are many still in danger.

Given the pressing need for these families to move, there are even requests for more workers to help make the relocation easier and faster.  The country and mayor do not want their people to be hurt, thus they hope the residents in the most danger will move with the slightest of urging.

Lance Grooms