Farmington is a Great Place to Raise the Kids

Farmington is a Great Place to Raise the Kids

If you have always wondered what it would be like to live in Missouri, you might not have to think about it for too much longer. As you prepare to relocate to Missouri (or within the state lines), consider moving to Farmington.

Farmington is a charming town just 72 miles south of St. Louis and is a great town with plenty of family-friendly activities. For example, what family wouldn’t enjoy attending the Wiggle Giggle Fishing Derby? Farmington is also home to Country Days and Winter Wonderland. So, moving to Farmington means some real-life honest-to-goodness family fun!

In addition to family-friendly events and activities, Farmington has a lot to offer everyone in your clan. There are a number of forests and state parks, including the Pickle Springs Natural Area.

Of course, you shouldn’t move to any city or town just for the fun and games. As a parent, you’re probably wondering about the school system in the Farmington area. The public schools in the district are actually quite good and you will find two parochial schools: St. Joseph’s Catholic School and St. Paul Lutheran School.

Currently, the city of Farmington has about 17,770 people and a median family income of just under $50,000. So, it is a good-sized town with a solid economy. However, if you aren’t completely sold on Farmington, you might consider moving to Nixa. Check it out!

Jon Huser