Fighting the Fears of Moving

Fighting the Fears of Moving

Just before you move, do you have a sudden rush of anxiety?  Most of these doubts come from those deep-seated “what if” questions we all have.  If you face those fears now, you’ll be able to get through the worst if it does actually happen.

What if the movers don’t show up on moving day?

Even if you’ve hired the most reputable moving company in your area, this fear may be stuck in the back of your mind until you actually see the truck parked in your driveway.  If the movers don’t show up when expected, the first thing to do is to remember not to panic!  Try to get in touch with the driver directly – he or she may have gotten lost or stuck in traffic.  Call the moving company’s office as well.

If something more serious is at hand, and the movers refuse to move you or you just can’t reach them, call one of the other moving companies you considered.  Explain the situation and see if they can accommodate your relocation immediately.

A good way to deal with this potential crisis is to schedule your move-out day a couple of days before you actually need to be out.  This way, if something like this does happen, you have a day or two to deal with it.

What if our moving truck reservation is lost?

In the age of computers, this type of problem doesn’t happen very often, but when it does, it can be a huge problem.  This is especially true if the moving company has already booked all of their trucks.  The key to dealing with this situation is to have a back-up plan.

A few days before you move, call around to the other reputable moving agencies to see if any of them will have available trucks for your moving day.  Keep that list with their phone numbers with you.  Also, find out where you need to pick up the truck, in case it might bite into your moving time, so you are prepared.

What if my buddies cancel?

Relying on your friends and family to help you move can always be stressful – remember life does get in the way sometimes.  But, if they do help, it can often save you a lot of money. Make a list of movers that specialize in local moves so that you have it handy in case this happens.  The company will likely help you if they aren’t already booked, but for a fee.  Just remember to let them know if you need the truck or not – that costs money, too!

What if your new home isn’t ready when you get there?

This can really put a damper on things!  You might need to get a last-minute storage unit if all else fails – and you may also end up paying the movers for two moves.  It’s a good idea to pad your moving budget with some extra cash just in case this happens.  A last-minute storage unit can be costly.

Jon Huser