Financial office set to relocate from Plaza West

Financial office set to relocate from Plaza West

The Edward D Jones office, which is situated at 1230 N Henderson Street in Plaza West in Galesburg, is set to relocate elsewhere.  The office will be making a move to the former Collins Communication building, which is located at 1472 N Henderson Street, very soon.

The financial adviser for the office, Dan Henderson, says that the remodeling of the Collins Communication building is underway at the moment.  “We’ll probably put $45,000 into that building before all it’s done,” he says.  Butler adds that the relocation should take place during the second week of next month, pointing out that the new building offers a number of distinct advantages over those of their current premises.  “More room, better parking,” he notes, citing just two.

Butler also draws attention to the fact that the Edward D Jones office has been located at Plaza West for the last 13 years, during which time North Henderson Street has actually changed quite a lot.  “We actually had to hire a real estate agent to find us a building on Henderson Street,” he points out of their arrival in the neighborhood back in 1999.  Now it is the busiest street in the city, with a great number of buildings lining either side, many of which arrived due to the opening of Seminary Square.

The company now has four offices in the city, according to Butler.  “So we’re really growing,” he says.

Gene Salaz