Finding a Good Job When Your Spouse Relocates

Finding a Good Job When Your Spouse Relocates

Today’s economy has definitely taken its toll on all of us.  So when you get the news that your spouse needs to relocate, you might have to find a new job in a new area.  The idea of moving and finding a new job can be extremely stressful, we know.  So, we put together a list of things to help you find a new job when your spouse relocates.

1.     Talk to your current employer.  Are there any opportunities in your new city?  You may be able to get a transfer.

2.     Ask your employer if they would consider allowing you to telecommute.

3.     Talk to your spouse’s employer.  Will they provide any relocation provisions for you?  Do you have access to a career counselor?

4.     If you must give notice to your company, you may want tocontact business associates to see if anything is available.

5.     The Better Business Bureau, Chamber of Commerce, and other civic organizations may be able to refer you to a local job search firm before you move.

6.     Use the Internet to find local job listings, post your resume, and get help.

7.     Join volunteer organizations in your new town after you move to meet new people and make new contacts.

Your spouse’s relocation may actually be a blessing in disguise.  Perhaps you aren’t happy in your current job and need a change.  Or, maybe you would like a change in careers – relocating to a new city can be the perfect time for such an event.

Jon Huser