Finding Housing in England

Finding Housing in England

Are you thinking of moving to England?  Well, we’ve done a couple of posts in the past about moving to the UK and thought we would touch on how to find housing in England for relocation.  So, you must be aware that in addition to your paperwork, housing is also an important aspect of moving to the UK.

You can find housing on your own before you move or you can work with a rental or housing agent.  But, be aware that multi-listing is not a common practice in the UK so you may want to work with several different agents to see what’s really available to you.  Keep in mind that rental agents are actually paid by the landlord but you may also be asked to pay a small fee when you find a place to live.

Many homes in England aren’t set up with central air conditioning or heat like they are here in the United States.  As you conduct your search for housing in the country, be sure to check for central heating instead of radiators.  This will save you trouble, especially if you decide to move in or around the winter.

One other thing to keep in mind when you search for an apartment or house in England is to check the electrical outlets.  In England, the typical voltage is 240 volts, 50 hertz.  This does not match the current in U.S. homes, so before you move, check out your electronic devices to see if you can even take them with you.  Sometimes you’ll be able to bring electrical adapters, but not always.

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