Finding the Right Handyman for Your Home

Finding the Right Handyman for Your Home

Are there things around the house that you can’t do or simply don’t want to?  If the answer to that question is a great big YES, you definitely need to know how to find the right handyman for your home.  This is true whether you’ve been in your house for a while or are just getting ready to move to a new home.

A good rule of thumb when looking for a handyman for your home is to get references.  Of course, word of mouth is the best way to find someone reliable and affordable.  You wouldn’t want someone who doesn’t know anything about home repair to be working on projects around the home you’ve just moved into, would you?

When considering a potential handyman, don’t be afraid to talk money right away.  Discuss the minimum charge and what might cause that fee to go up.  Discuss insurance and what happens if the handyman damages any property.  If you’ve recently relocated to a new neighborhood, ask your new neighbors if they have had similar work done and what they paid.

In an effort to make the discussion go a little easier, we’ve listed some questions you’ll want to ask:

·      Do you have a specialization?

·      Do you charge for travel time?

·      Do you carry stock of basic inventory?

·      Do you have a license or permit to do the work?

·      Do I need to leave the house?

·      Can you do this before I move in?

·      Are return visits included in the quote?

·      What is included in the service?

·      Are there any discounts?

·      Do you offer a warranty or guarantee?

-Jon Huser