First Habitable Planet Found?

First Habitable Planet Found?

Are you worried that we might have destroyed Earth to the point that it is beyond repair?  Many scientists believe that while we don’t need to relocate right away, that may very well become a reality for human kind.  Right now, we don’t have much hope as far as a new home in outer space – that was, we didn’t until recently.

Scientists may actually have found the first habitable planet beyond our own Earth!  How crazy is that?  Can you imagine packing up your home and moving to a whole other planet?  We can’t imagine the stress involved – just think about how crazy things get when you move to a new neighborhood.

The planet is known as Gliese 581d and it orbits Gliese, a red-dwarf star about 20 light years away.  Wondering how long it might take to get to a place that’s 20 light years away?  About 300,000 years!  That’s a major relocation if you ask us.

Anyway, scientists are saying that this little planet may actually be able to support life as we know it.  Experts are using computer models to determine whether or not this planet might be habitable for us or not.  But, with the length of time it would take to get there, it doesn’t look like any of us will be moving there anytime soon.

But, this brings about a more important question.  Should we be focusing on finding another planet to replace our current home or should we be thinking of ways to keep our planet from being completely ruined?  Who really wants to move to outer space?

Jon Huser