Five Things You Don’t Want to Do on Moving Day

Five Things You Don’t Want to Do on Moving Day

1.  Skip the final walk-through.

Do one last check before movers leave to ensure they’ve loaded everything.  Never sign a moving company bill of lading unless you’ve personally inspected the house; once you sign, the movers aren’t liable for anything they haven’t loaded.

2.  Glance at the moving inventory quickly.

The inventory is the only proof you have that your belongings were loaded onto the moving company trucks.  Go through this paperwork very carefully and check that everything has made it onto the truck.  Review the inventory again when your items arrive at your new house to make sure that all of your stuff is accounted for.

3.  Let kids and pets run wild.

On move day, small children and pets can easily get underfoot and be hurt.  If you can’t send Junior and Fluffy to Grandma’s house for the day, designate a special room in the house where they can hang out, safely and out of the way.

4.  Let the movers transport precious/rare items.

Even if your household goods are insured, it’s still a good idea to personally transport particularly special things like photo albums, heirlooms, personal papers, and expensive jewelry.  It’s just not worth the risk of trusting these precious items to someone else.

5.  Be a jerk to your movers.

Just because you’re stressed doesn’t mean you have to treat your movers poorly.  They’re doing a tough job and working hard to take care of your belongings.  Offer a smile, a bottle of water, and a sincere ‘Thanks.’

-Jon Huser