Five Tips for a Budget-Friendly Move

Five Tips for a Budget-Friendly Move

1.  Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

If possible, make a few small trips to your new home, transporting as much as you can; especially your one-of-a-kind items.  Save the moving company for bigger items you can’t safely move alone—furniture, mattresses, large appliances, etc.

2.  Get Rid of Trash before You Move

The more you give the movers, the more you’re going to be charged.  Take the time to sort through unused items and things that have been in storage before you move.  You can cut down on your relocation expenses significantly by clearing out trash ahead of time.

3.  Skip Expensive Packing Materials

Specialty packing materials like bubble wrap and furniture pads can be expensive. Instead, use towels, sheets, tablecloths, and even clothing to wrap and protect your items.

4.  Weigh the Cost of Moving vs. Buying New

This is a great way to save on a long distance move or international relocation.  It could cost you more to move something than it would be to buy it new when you reach your final destination.

5.  Keep the Basics Close at Hand

When you move, it can be hard to find things you need to get through the day so most of us end up buying those items, even though they’re packed up in a box somewhere.  A couple of bucks for paper plates and light bulbs, a few dollars for toilet paper and shampoo—it all adds up.  You can save a bundle by packing a clearly marked box with everyday items and taking it with you to your new home.

-Lance Grooms