Floods to Turn ND Town into Lake

Floods to Turn ND Town into Lake

Just when we thought we had heard the end of the floods in the United States, we turn on the news.  The Souris River, out in Minot, North Dakota, is about to burst over the levees in area.  About 25% of the town’s population is being forced to relocate for the second time this spring.

In fact, the flooding is feared to be so bad that thousands of homes may be under water in the very near future.  This is the worst flooding the area has seen in more than 40 years.

The river, which loops down from Canada and goes through North Dakota is swollen from the heavy snowmelt and rains it has gotten in the past few days.  As a precaution, many people are moving out their loved ones, belongings, and preparing their homes as best they can.

Scientists are projecting that these floods will move beyond the devastation the region saw in 1969 when the river hit more than 1,554 feet above sea level.  They’re saying it might hit up to 1,563 by this weekend.

The mayor of Minot is urging people to move out as quickly and orderly as possible claiming that there isn’t enough time to raise the dikes to help redirect the extra water flowing through.  At least 4,000 homes and businesses are likely to be flooded.  About 12,000 people living in the area of those 4,000 homes and businesses have until Wednesday to move out before the floods arrive.

Jon Huser