French Couple Adopts Gorilla

French Couple Adopts Gorilla

Do you have kids?  If you don’t have children, would you ever consider adopting a gorilla?  Would you allow an animal to move into your home and cohabit with you in your house as your own child would?  Well, that is exactly what Pierre and Elianne Thivillon have done.

The couple doesn’t actually have any children of their own, however what they do have a giant gorilla named Digit.  The 265-pound gorilla has been living with the childless couple for 13 years and there are no plans for her to move out anytime soon.

Digit’s biological mother refused to suckle her, so the Thivillons took her in as an infant.  Though the couple had previous experience caring for gorillas in the past – both have worked in zoos – they admit that it is no easy feat.

If you’ve never thought what kind of impact adopting a gorilla would have on your social life, let’s put it this way:  it’s like caring for a child for a lot longer.  Gone are the days of packing up and moving just because you want to, as are the days of dinner and a movie.

So, what does Digit do all day?  Well, she goes to daycare, of course!  During the day, Digit goes to Saint Martin la Plaine Zoo, located in France.  At night, she goes home to her “mom” and “dad.”  In fact, Digit enjoys sleeping in bed with her human parents.

Do we have any animal lovers out there?  Would you let a gorilla move into your house?

Lance Grooms