Gabrielle Giffords Goes Home

Gabrielle Giffords Goes Home

Recently, the news broke that Arizona Rep, Gabrielle Giffords was released from the hospital in Houston where she has been in treatment for the past five months.  You may recall that during a Tucson political event, Giffords was shot in the left side of her head on January 8.  Six people were killed and another 12 were injured.

We’re very excited that the Congresswoman is able to move home!

Giffords moved to her husband’s home in League City, which is just 26 miles south of Houston.  Mark Kelly, an astronaut, has been the dedicated husband ever since the tragic event, though he did have to make one little business trip – to outer space!

Though she is making strides in her recovery, Giffords still has a long road ahead of her.  Even today she continues with the challenges of walking and talking and needs consistent intensive therapy.  It is still unclear if she will ever be able to return to Congress and her duties therein.

One thing is for certain; Giffords going home is one important milestone in her recovery.  In fact, doctors say it might even rouse her progress and get things moving faster.  Simply being able to be in a familiar environment as well as enjoying the outdoors may tip the scales in her favor even more.

The hospital which treated Giffords will still be a big part of her life.  In order to continue her therapy, she will continue to visit the institution everyday, but with the comfort of being able to go home.

Lance Grooms