Garage sale tips to help prepare you

Garage sale tips to help prepare you

Spring is already here and summer is on its way.  This is usually when there are a lot of garage sales.  It is also a time when most individuals consider moving, or at least getting extraneous household goods into a full service storage facility.

If you plan on holding a garage sale, there are a couple of things you can do to help your items to sell a little better.  The first thing to do if you live in a neighborhood is to hold a neighborhood-wide garage sale.  This works really well in town home communities.  The signs and the many cars going into the same community will help you out.  The chances are that even if you may have been overlooked with one or two other homes holding garage sales, a neighborhood sale will ensure that you get a few people stopping in.

Craigslist and eBay are online sites you can use to your advantage.  You do have to be careful how you list items and make certain that they are not large furniture pieces that might not move easily.  When it comes to garage sales via online portals, most people are looking for inexpensive items that they can have shipped to them rather than something that they have to pick up.

Start your garage sale on Friday, especially if you can find a three-day weekend.  By the time you are ready to move you will have a lightened load, whether it is to store your items or move to a new home.

Jon Huser