Gas Prices Surge Again

Gas Prices Surge Again

Although you may not think about it, the price of gas really does have an impact on your relocation.  Gas prices affect everything around us from the cost of a fill-up at the station to the price of milk to what movers will charge – and everything in between.

The price of regular gas just shot up to $3.503 which is about $0.38 higher than it was a month ago.  This price moved $0.15 higher than it was just last week.  It looks like the escalating violence in Libya and the unsettled state the country is in influenced this surge with oil prices now hitting $106 a barrel.

Rising gas prices will definitely hurt our economy across the board.  But it will also directly affect the cost of your relocation.  Moving companies often charge a surcharge for fuel – a fee that will likely go up a bit in the near future.  And that’s just one way the moving industry will be affected, therefore affecting the cost of your move.

Because the price of gas has risen so significantly, experts are projecting that both consumers and businesses will suffer.  Prices will affect how much it costs just to get to work, school, and run necessary errands.  Businesses will end up charging more for their goods and services, especially the moving industry, air travel, and shipping.

Jon Huser