Get the Most Bang for Your Buck in Southern States

Get the Most Bang for Your Buck in Southern States

Today it seems like we have so much more to worry about – war, taxes, economy, job loss – you name it. There simply is so much to think about, including the cost of living. Everyday expenses can be considered the cost of living – rent, food, commute, and so on. So, if you want to get the most for your money, you might think about moving.

There are some states in the United States that have a really high cost of living while others seem much more affordable. Well, a recent CNBC survey actually showed that consumers get the most bang for their buck in the southern states. So, do you northerners, want to move?

Kentucky was actually at the top of the list. Last year, it was in third place, but for 2011, it boasts the lowest cost of living overall. That means things like groceries, health care, housing, transportation, and utilities are all more affordable than in any other state. Maybe you should move to Kentucky if you find yourself spending too much money on any of these things elsewhere.

Other states that ranked pretty low on the overall cost of living include Tennessee (in second place) and Oklahoma (third place). Both of those states tied for first place last year. Arkansas and Texas also did quite well for the cost of living, so maybe you’d prefer to move to one of those states instead.

Jon Huser