Getting Hired Long-Distance

Getting Hired Long-Distance

By now, if you have a job, you’re probably thankful.  If you don’t, you might be a little worried about your chances of getting hired, especially if you are about to relocate with your family.  Looking for work from a different state or region is a little more challenging than looking for work locally, so we’ve put together some tips for landing a job in just about any city.

Choose the Location
Looking for work in any city is challenging.  Searching for a job across several cities can be downright impossible.  If you are getting ready to move to a specific location, narrow your search options to companies within a certain radius of where your new home is located.  If you are thinking of relocating once you find work, narrow your prospects to several cities you might want to live in.

Do Your Homework
Do your homework.  Take a look at the local job market and the economy of the state you are thinking of moving to.  What is the unemployment rate?  Which industries prosper there?  Are you ready to move to a city where the work might slow down?  Look at all the possibilities.

Have a Network? Use It
If you belong to any social networks, use them to find work in the city to which you’re moving.  Use your contacts from your social networks to find out if they know of any companies hiring or if there are any possible opportunities you might not otherwise know about.

Do Phone Interviews
If you are interviewing from afar, chances are you’ll be doing a telephone interview.  Do not take this lightly as many hiring managers will use it as their first impression.  Do a couple of practice phone interviews with your spouse to work on your pacing and phone manner.

Know Your Own Relocation Plan
If you do happen to get an offer, what’s your relocation plan?  Employers know you aren’t a local candidate, but they will want to know how soon you can start and be in their city.  Think of this before you start interviewing.

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