Getting into a Regular Routine in Your New Neighborhood

Getting into a Regular Routine in Your New Neighborhood

One of the most hectic activities you could ever experience in your life is probably relocation. That’s why getting back into a routine is so important after your move.  But, after you get settled, you might quickly realize you don’t really know much about your new neighborhood.

This period, right after a move, can be scary and a little lonely.  Meeting new people and becoming a part of the community can be a real challenge for some people.  Here are some ways for you to ease into your new surroundings.

  • If you have kids, meeting new people will probably be easier than if you are living alone. Sitting in the stands with other parents at a little league game is a good way to meet other folks. But remember, getting your kids settled should be your top priority.
  • Get a local newspaper and keep up on what’s going on in your area.  The advertising will give you a little insight into the area you just moved.
  • Volunteer at your kids’ school or join the PTA.
  • Check out your local library’s recreation department.
  • Take a couple hobby or recreation classes.
  • Once you move, pay a visit to the Chamber of Commerce or City Hall.  There will be a plethora of information on local businesses, services, and activities.
  • Go on an adventure – just remember your GPS or map.
  • Join local groups and clubs.

Another thing to remember is to introduce yourself to your neighbors as soon as you move in.  Be friendly and stay positive.  In no time you’ll be settled in your new community.

Jon Huser