Getting Ready to Move Abroad

Getting Ready to Move Abroad

In addition to the excitement that comes with moving to a new country and an enriching cultural experience also comes the mundane task of planning your move abroad.  First and foremost, you must be aware that poor planning can result in a stressful relocation.  Just think about your last domestic move and the planning it took.  Moving abroad is even more challenging.

Before you move to your new country, make a checklist of things to accomplish before the event.  The key to a successful and stress-free international relocation is to be realistic about what you can take care of on your own.  You’ll therefore also need to be realistic about what you’ll need to hire help for.

If you are moving due to a company transfer, talk to your employer about a familiarization trip to your new country.  This will make the relocation that much easier since you’ll have the opportunity to check out housing options, schools, recreation, local shopping, and become familiar with the layout of your new town.  A good relocation department should actually suggest such a trip to you.

When you move to another country, you will need to be familiar with the local customs and import regulations.  In many cases, you will be required to list every item in your moving shipment.  Check out what the moving requirements are for your country before you hire movers.

– Lance Grooms