Getting Ready to Move to England

Getting Ready to Move to England

We recently posted a couple of articles about U.S. residents moving to the UK.  A couple more things occurred to us, so we thought now would be a good time to share them with you!  Hopefully these tips about moving to England will help make your transition a little easier to deal with.

First of all, U.S. citizens can go to England and live there for as many as six months with their current passport.  However, if you want to stay longer – and if you are relocating there you probably do – you will need to apply for a visa and residence.  In order to do that, you will be required to contact the British Embassy, located in Washington, D.C.  You can also check into the British consulate closest to you.  Finding out the steps to do this is also online.

Getting your paperwork in order before you move to the UK is absolutely essential, so start this process as soon as you know you will be moving.  Dealing with all the regulations and requirements for a long-term move to the UK may take a couple of months.

If you have children, be sure to check into what you’ll need for them.  Are they in school yet?  If so, you will have to find a school for them to attend well before you move.  Be aware that sometimes grade levels don’t mesh, so your child may be placed in a grade level above or below what they are in here at home.

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