Getting to Know Your New Neighborhood

Getting to Know Your New Neighborhood


The good news is you’ve found a new place to live!  But, what about getting to know your new neighborhood once you move in?  Exploring the area and getting a sense of community can really make you feel at home.  Becoming acclimated to the area to which you’ve moved depends on a few things:

  • What’s important to you?
  • What does the community have to offer?
  • What is in the surrounding area?

When you move to a new place, you might have chosen it based on a certain lifestyle.  Or maybe you relocated for a job.  But, one way to get to know your new neighborhood is to take in the local sights and try out the local transportation options.

Another thing you can do, once you move in, is to take advantage of local events.  If you pursue things that are of interest to you, you’ll likely meet new people that have the same things in mind.

If you aren’t afraid to try new things and have a sense of adventure, why not try the less obvious things in your new neighborhood?  Take an art class or go hiking.  It just depends on what you’d like to try and where you’ve moved.

In order to feel at home in any new place, you just need to connect with your community – to find your people.  Whether you do it through joining a club, becoming a regular at a local eatery, or volunteering is completely up to you!

Jon Huser